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Welcome to the Lifestyle Bikers Website

We are currently in the process of a total revamp of our website and will be working in Conjunction with Kasidie.com.  Click the link below and you will be taken directly to our Kasidie site and entered into our Lifestyle Bikers community.

Lifestyle Bikers was formed in 2005 with a few friends from our local swing club who decided to take a ride one day in Southern California.  After that ride and how fun it was, we were joined by twice as many people the next ride and so on and son on.  We have put together rides for Couples in the lifestyle several times a year as well as people from our group have also put together rides with others in the group attending functions such as Vegas Bike Week, Reno Street Vibrations, Laughlin River Run, AZ Bike Week as well as Sturgis and many other events.

Please read the ABOUT US page to learn more about Lifestyle Bikers and how this group is ideal for any Couples, Single Female and Single men in the lifestyle who have a love of Motorcycles.

Previously we used to use the Evite system as our means for inviting people to join us for Rides, for the most part it worked very well and we have had over 120 couples join us on some of our larger rides and 40 or so on some of our smaller rides.  Evite had an issue that if people didn’t log into their site, they would no longer receive our emails and we were constantly being asked when the next ride would be, we would explain it was either the coming week or the past week and our members were getting frustrated.

So This is where Kasidie comes into play. Kasidie is one of if not they largest site for couples and singles in the Lifestyle. With the amount of request from people out of the state of California and partnering with kasidie, we can take Lifestyle Bikers from a local ride group to a nation wide Lifestyle motorcycle group.  We are Not a club, we are just a bunch of people looking to have fun.

By clicking the link below or at the top, you will be given a 90 day FREE membership to Kasidie as well as automatically entered into our Lifestyle Bikers Main Community.  You can then join any of the local state communities you wish for Lifestyle Bikers that we have created for you.

Click the link below and start meeting other Couple and Singles in the Lifestyle who have some things in common with you
Friends, Sex, Travel, Parties, Trips and Much More! All at Kasidie.com

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